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Dimitri HK released two sketchbooks in february 2008 and february 2010, he's the instigator of collective projects such as "Full Cana Jikken" with Safwan (Montreal), Gotch (Japan), Jee Sayalero (Spain) and Steph D (France). 
After that are born "Body Suits" and the Tattoo Handbooks 1, 2 and 3 in which participate many artists from all around the world.

He's also invited to take part in other publications: Color Tattoo Art (Reuss editions, Germany), Tattooisme (France), New school 1 and 2, Black and Grey, Cavalera Set Oriental (Coleccion arte tattoo disenos, Argentina), Tatu Tattoo (5 continents edition, France), God Save the Gouine, Tatouage 21, Hand Made, Tattoopassion (Favre editions) etc.

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The application as well as the magazine are totally free. 

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  • A free magazine
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  • Articles about the tattoo world
  • An online store with books, prints and more

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