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Welcome to the Dimitri Hk Studio webpage !

Dimitri Hk starts his tattoo career in 1990 in Mantes la Jolie. After a few years of wandering around he finally settles in Saint Germain en Laye in 1994, in his first studio which he'll abandon along the highway for a more spacious and comfortable one in 2003.

The Dim Team, composed of Dimitri Hk, Nat, Popeye, Sid L-Boy, Ludo de G-Gen, Joe Rackham, François, Nina, Kris welcome you for your every tattoo projects... or nearly!

The right cocktail for a tattoo: you will need a good dose of courage, a hint of unconsciousness, and finally book an appointment. Add ice to your convenience !

For each tattoo, a unique drawing is made.
In order to get an estimate, you need to come at the shop. 

Please scroll down and read our information section to learn how to proceed for your future tattoo !

Yours tattooistically,
Dimitri HK


82 rue Léon Desoyer
78100 Saint-Germain-en-Laye

+33 1 30 87 09 59

Opening hours: tuesday - saturday from 11:30 to 19:00

Sorry, we’re closed

The shop will be closed on Thursday, August 15th.
Nevertheless, the appointments will be maintained.

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Estimate for your future tattoo

For each tattoo, a unique drawing is made in respect for the person who already has the tattoo.

In order to get an estimate, you need to come at the shop (no appointments needed) and talk about your project. Bringing references is strongly advised, either printed or on your phone. We do not accept usb keys for security reasons.
Depending on the size, placement, style... etc. we will be able to give an estimate for your project.
If you live outside the region, you may contact us by email, but bear in mind that it's always way better to talk about your project face to face.

Once we've agreed on the placement, style, size etc... We ask for a deposit in order to block an appointment. The deposit commits you and is NON-REFUNDABLE (even if you cancel the appointment but of course it is possible to move it if we are notified at least one week before).

General information

- We do not continue nor do we touch up tattoos that were not made in the shop.
- We don't tattoo on fingers.
- We don't tattoo the infamous infinity symbol
- We don't do flags (countries, heraldry, coat of arms..)


The drawing will be ready for the day of your appointment, it is not possible to see it before
Upon seeing the drawing, minor modifications can eventually be made if needed.
Please notify us if you wish to bring modifications to your project BEFORE the day of your appointment ! Otherwise the modifications WON'T be made !

If you have allergies, moles and/or skin problems PLEASE NOTIFY US !

For minors no need to wear a fake mustache or to show us a word from your big sister... it won't work ! You need to be at least 16 years old and accompanied by your parents or tutor (not anyone else).
Moreover, we only accept discreet tattoos, so don't hope to have a wicked skull on your neck or a "I love my Mum" on your hand !

Your ID's will be demanded as well as your family record book!

Please be so kind not to come with your children or baby, even in a pushchair. 

On the day of the appointment, only the person getting tattooed is allowed to enter the artist's box. This is for hygiene and space so no need to come accompanied with family, friends or your dog !

Thank you for understanding.


Tatto convention Vannes

Find Dimitri Hk, GGen's Ludo, Elvin aka Sid El Boy, Joe Rackham and Popey at the Vannes Tattoo Convention on January 12 and 13, 2020

Tattoo convention in Reunion Island!

Dimitri Hk and Popeye will be present at the Reunion Convention on November 16th and 17th! 

Dimitri's Instagram

Popeye's Instagram

New book on Dimitri HK's exhibition with his collective!

Dimitri Hk and his collective, Pierre Olivier Persin (Pop FX) an outstanding sculptor working in the special effects of large productions (World War Z, Game of Thrones... etc.). So here is the new Book on his exhibition with his collective which is available on our application "ATC Tattoo" ! 
Visible in the shop section, you can also find it on the ATC Tattoo website

Exhibition at the Nantes Tattoo Convention!

Dimitri Hk will be present at the Nantes convention to exhibit the works of his collective from the Cabinet des Cerveaux malades on October 04, 05 and 06!

Website of Convention

Instagram of the Cabinet des Cerveaux Malades

Facebook of the Cabinet des Cerveaux Malades

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