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Dimitri Hk arrives in Saint Germain en Laye in 1995, in his first studio that he will abandon for a more spacious one in 2003.

The Dim Team, composed of Dimitri Hk, Nat, Popeye, Sid L-Boy, Ludo de G-Gen, Flo Cake, Joe Rackham, François, Nina and James welcome you for your every tattoo projects... or nearly!

For each tattoo, a unique drawing is made.
In order to get an estimate, you need to come at the shop (no appointments needed) and talk about your project. Bringing references is strongly advised, it can be a drawing, a photo, an illustration, a tattoo, anything!
If you live outside the region, you may contact us by email, but bear in mind that it is always way better to talk about your project face to face.

You will have to make a deposit if you wish to block an appointment.

We accept tattooing minors, you need to be at least 16 years old and accompanied by your parents or tutor (not anyone else).

Your ID's will be demanded as well as your family record book!

Tatoueusement Vôtre,
Dimitri HK


82 rue Léon Desoyer
78100 Saint-Germain-en-Laye

Opening hours: tuesday - saturday from 11:30 to 19:00

The shop is open

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Estimate for your future tattoo

There is no need in giving us call or sending an email to know the price of your futur tattoo.
For an estimate only one solution : you need to come to the shop freely with your ideas and references. Depending on the size, placement, style... etc. we will be able to give an estimate for your project.
For persons who are too far way, we can talk about your project by email (info@tatouage.fr) but bear in mind that you will still only see the drawing the day of the appointment.

Once we've agreed on the placement, style, size etc... you need to make a deposit in order to block an appointment. The deposit commits you and are NON-REFUNDABLE (even if you cancel the rendez vous. It is possible to move the appointment if we are notified at least one week before).

The drawing will be ready for the day of the tattoo, it is not possible to see it before
Modifications can eventually be made if needed, without changing the general aspect.

General information

Please be so kind not to come with your children or baby, even in a pushchair. 

On the day of the appointment, only the person getting tattooed is allowed to enter the artist's box. This is for hygiene and space so no need to come accompanied with family, friends or your dog !
Thank you for understanding.

We do not continue nor do we do touch ups on tattoos that were not made in the shop.



New books and stickers available in the ATC Tattoo store !

An envelope containing 12 stickers (10€) designed by Dimitri Hk and new books were added to the ATC Tattoo store. 
You can order them through the free application "ATC Tattoo", or through the website ATC Tattoo here
Or you can even order by sending us an email to : info@tatouage.fr 

Evian Tattoo Show

Dimitri Hk and Sid L-Boy will attend the Evian Tattoo Show this year !

It will start on the 20th til the 22nd of october.

You may check out their work on the website in "The Team" page.
Also, check out the convention's website : http://www.evian.tattoo

If you wish to book an appointment please contact us via the contact message board on this website

or send us an email : info@tatouage.fr

New Guest : Jerome Siempre !

Jérôme Siempre is a really cool new school tattoo artist, he can do anything ! 
And he will tattoo in our shop from the 7th til the 11th of November 2017 ! 

If you want an appointment contact him on his facebook page : here

or come by at the shop ! 

ATC Tattoo website online !

The new ATC Tattoo website is online ! 

You can read all our articles and order on our online store our books and prints ! 

Check it out now here : atctattoo.com

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